The Revelation Research Paper

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The Revelation is the final book in the Bible. It has confused and frightened many people for centuries. The book has a lot of crazy images that just do not make sense with the rest of the Bible. At least in a literal sense they do not. Interpretation can be quite hard and challenging for this book. The right way to interpret this book is to see that Revelation is both describing the struggle Christians have with Rome and it is also a book that describes the final judgement. The reader should interpret Revelation as a message of hope to Christians that God will triumph over evil in the end. John is not trying to predict any certain events in the future. This book is composed of symbols that convening that God will have victory over Satan. Before, I talk about interpretation let’s talk about Apocalyptic literature. Apocalyptic literature is a genre that is about the end times. The …show more content…

Many of the images are gruesome but are meant to stand for something other than the word. For example, there is two-edged sword coming out of Jesus mouth. This image is bizarre and disturbing, but it does not mean that there is a sword coming out of Jesus’s mouth. The real way to interpret this image is to see how this applies to God’s final judgment. Well, this is a symbol for one and it also has to do with the word of God. The double-edged sword means that God will use his word to defeat evil. The sword has two blades because God has the Old Testament and the New Testament. God will defeat Satan with New Testament and the Old Testament. It is coming out of Jesus’s mouth because that’s how Jesus spreads God’s word, by preaching it to the people. Here is a great example to why this symbol should not be taken literal because it would be very painful to have sword coming out of someone’s mouth. The image or symbol is now not so gruesome has before and makes more sense with the rest of the book of

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