The Risks In The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Risks are being taken all the time every day and are an essential part of advancing in life. You can never predict a risk's outcome, but sometimes you have to take them. Some risks are bigger than others like going skydiving. While some are smaller like buying a lottery ticket or trying new foods. Frederick Douglass took many risks as did the crew of the Challenger Shuttle and the crew and citizens aboard the Titanic. Even though all the risks are very different in many ways they all teach valuable lessons everyone can use in the future. Frederick Douglass was a former slave who had learned how to read and write as a slave. When he became a free man he went on to write a sequential text of his life where he took many risks to become a free man. He took many risks such as the risk of learning how to read and write. As a slave, he was not supposed to know how to read and write but he used other little boys to help him learn how. In one of his first homes, his mistress had never owned a slave before so she started to teach him how to read and write. Once she found out this was an action people frowned upon she stopped and started treating him harshly. In the text, it states, “ Nothing seemed to make her more angry than to see me with a newspaper. She …show more content…

The crew and citizens aboard the Titian took a chance in sailing on the Titanic. The Titanic was very risky because it was not fully safe with not enough lifeboats for the number of people that were on it. The Titanic also went through a very risky area with tons of icebergs because they thought it was unsinkable. The lookouts were supposed to be extra carefully watched. It states this in the text when it says, “They were the “eyes of the ship,” and on this particular night Fleet had been warned to watch especially for icebergs.” The writer used a sequential type of writing to showcase the risk that the people aboard the ship

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