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Freak the Mighty is a book by Rodman Philbrick about two boys named Max, and Kevin (Freak). These two boys experience many events throughout the story that demonstrate bravery, courage, kindness, and intelligence. These are the key points that make up this book, this is what makes the book empowering and inspirational. The purpose of this book is to remind people that because of a life problem, or a disability, everything is still achievable Throughout the book, Kevin displays a monumental amount of bravery and courage while dealing with his disease (Morquio syndrome). This was most conspicuous when Kevin explains,“Everybody is always changing. My problem is, I’m growing on the inside but not the outside.” (Page 112). Another piece of evidence …show more content…

A notable piece of evidence of this in the book was when Max narrated, “I just sort of reached down without thinking and picked up Freak and set him on my shoulders.”This quotation highlights that Max did this because of Kevin’s medical condition. This means Kevin was more on the shorter side, and he couldn’t run well. This shows that Max was brave and kind enough to do such a kind deed and make such a big difference by doing such a small thing. After Max’s support, Kevin could see clearer and could help Max navigate better. This proves that Max can be kind, only to the people who treat him right and with respect. Max also stated that “without thinking” he picked him up, this conveys that he didn’t hesitate for a second before helping Kevin. In effect, Max's small yet kind deed truly shows the empathy he has toward Kevin and his disability. This also proves that he has a special, unique bond with Kevin and that he cares about his …show more content…

Evidence of this is when Max and Kevin (Freak the Mighty) find an old soggy purse from the drains. Max stated “The lady won’t have much money if she lives in the Testaments,”(page 70) as well as him saying “Maybe she really needs that ID card,” (page 71). This illustrates that although the rightful owner of the Purse (Loretta Lee)lived in a dangerous, and poor town, Freak the Mighty still returned the purse. This proves that they were kind and empathetic enough to understand how important that purse and ID card might be to her. This also proves that they were willing to return an old, soggy ID and purse so that the original owner wouldn’t have to worry about not having it. This scenario reminds us that although something is dangerous, or unnecessary, doesn’t mean it is wrong to do. This scenario was all about having the courage, bravery, and empathy that makes one a good person towards

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