The Road By Cormac Mccarthy Essay

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The Road Final When there are hard times in life many people turn to those they love most those people are called family. The meaning of family is a group of relatives but family doesn’t always have to be people that the person is related to. Cormac McCarthy wrote the book, “The Road” to show people that family will always be there through the rough times. In the book Cormac McCarthy had wrote about a son and his father surviving after a huge catastrophe. When, Cormac McCarthy wrote “The Road” he was going through some rough times; although he did enjoy writing this book. But with himself dealing with being divorced three times would lead him to kind of add some realistic problems he had to the story. Even some of the writing in the book …show more content…

For example the boy said, “You said you wouldn’t ever leave me.” The boy is talking to his dad after the dad had promised him that he wouldn’t leave him which made the dad sad because he was dieing and he didn’t want to leave his son all by himself. The dad and the son had fought against other survivors, the cold, and hunger now the dad was realizing that the kid was going to have to fight those challenges once again this time without his dad. When the dad dies the boy realizes that he is alone now without his family, his dad was all the boy had and now he was dead so the boy walks to the road and sees someone approaching him. As the person comes closer he realizes its a man that he and his father had once helped out by giving food and water too. The man then says, “I think you should come with me..” The boy now understands that he doesn’t have to be alone he could go with this man and survive. The man knows that the kid is alone so he puts his arm out for the kid to be the kids new family so he could take care of him and they would survive together as a family. To conclude, sometimes family could be a friend or even an animal its possible that a family can be formed outside of being related, because no matter how difficult the times are family will always be there when a person most

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