The Role Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Power is determined by many factors in the town of Salem. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, one’s gender factors into the amount of power that one has. For males, land and money are the two main ways to gain power. For a female, being married to a man of wealth increases power exponentially. A clean reputation leads to more power, because the person’s name is not being demolished in society. The person in Salem with the most power is Abigail Williams. She is female, not married, and had a bad reputation prior to gaining power. Her role in the dancing with the devil and being the leader that confesses who else dances gives her the most power. This conflict affected the entire town of Salem, and by her speaking out, she put the conflict to rest by telling what happened that night with Tituba. Abigail breaks the stereotype that women have less power than men, and that is what is most incredible about her rise to complete power. Abigail is the leader of the girls, she speaks her mind and that was uncommon for a young girl. “Abigail Williams...with an endless capacity for dissembling” (9). She spoke what she was feeling, no matter who was present or what she thought. Abigail Williams at one time was having an affair with a man named John Proctor, who was considered charming in Salem. He was in his thirties and a farmer in the town. Abigail says that Proctor “Clutched [her] back...sweated like a stallion whenever I come near...you loved me then and you love me now” (22). It
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