The Role Of Fear In The Shawshank Redemption

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“Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free,” as said in the Shawshank Redemption. Fear is a strong emotion, one of the strongest. It keeps us from going after the things that we want. It keeps us curled in a corner, hiding. It takes us over, leaving no room for joy or love. Fear is our own personal demon. Fear can drive a man insane. Fear takes us into dark times free of all light. Fear keeps you prisoner from the rest of your life, hope is the light that can take you out of that darkness. Even in the darkest times, you need hope to set you free. Hope gives us something to look forward to, something worth fighting for. Hope keeps humanity in place. It gives people a will to fight even when death is only minutes away. Everyone has their own prison, with their mind buried deep within, our choices and hope are what sets us free. Even in the deepest prisons, we can be free, …show more content…

Fear is a part of who you are. Your fears are part of what define you. When one learns to get over their fears, is when they can really start living their life to its full potential. Fear is like an anchor holding you down from unlimited opportunities. Fear isn’t something we should ignore or deny. To get over our anchors, we have to come to an acceptance with them. Only then, can we fight them and reach for the stars. Hope is a state of mind. One with hope, will do anything for goodness and change in what needs it. Hope knows that the future will be full of light and happiness. Hope lets us dream. Hope can be all you have, and you could still be the happiest man alive. Those without hope, are the ones deprived of joy in their life. Even the most beautiful things can look dull without hope. With fear, our entire worlds constrict, and only stress upon that one fear. Hope relieves our hearts and mind and breaks through the ceiling that fear places upon them. Hope empties our hearts and mind from the fear that filled it leaving it with room for love and

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