The Role Of Guilt In 'The Kite Runner'

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People will often go to great lengths to relieve themselves of guilt. Nobody would believe that an epic book would lead to so much emotion. The last couple weeks in my English class I’ve been reading a book called the “Kite Runner”. The Kite Runner has a lot of guilt built up into it. I’ve learned threw out the story many characters are put through this horrible emotion, but more than others. Guilt has an extreme power many people fail to realize; it has the ability to completely change a person and push them towards redemptions, as for the characters Amir, Baba, and Sohrab. One character that showed a significant role of guilt, was a well-respected gentleman named Baba. Baba had to live with the guilt of not only betraying his closest friend, lying to his legitimate son, hiding the truth from son, and committing what he believed what he believed was the only sin. He acted as if the guilt was nonexistent, instead he took it out on Amir by criticizing the way Amir acts. Baba’s guilt caused him to constantly act ashamed of …show more content…

Something sad and one of the cruelest but not the cruelest parts of the book was a suicide attempt. A gentleman named Sohrab. He attempted suicide because Amir tells him that one way to help with the adoption would be to send him back to an orphanage for a while, considering Amir had told him he would never have to go back. Amir tried to adopt Sohrab, but faced a lot of problems. He had no proof that he was an orphan. “Your petition faces significant obstacles, not the least of which is that this child is not an orphan”. He also ran into a problem of it being impossible for Afghan children to be adopted into America. Amir was shocked and horrified by what he had seen and what Sohrab had done, but this all had to do with an awful experience at the orphanage, especially after they had allowed Assef to take him. It was hard for the both of them to get back to

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