The Role Of Social Class In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The book "To Kill a Mockingbird" describes different classes of people as been rich and poor. People classify themselves differently because some people are in poverty, while some are wealthy. Most wealthy people help the poor, but the main people they help are the Cunningham 's family. They help the Cunningham 's family because they are willing to work and they are hard working. People never help the Ewell 's family because they are rude, lazy, and they waste their money on alcohol. The Finch 's family help the African American because racism occur during that time. The people treated the African American as low self esteem people. The poor people are in poverty because of the Great Depression and they couldn 't have enough money to provide…show more content…
The Finch 's family are part of highest social class, they are part of the social class because Atticus is a lawyer, which makes him higher in social class and more respectful. The other family are not because they are poor and the society doesn 't really respect them that much, than Atticus who is a lawyer and he is very rich. In the story, Jem invites Walter to their house for lunch. While eating their meal, Walter puts molasses "on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand." This act not only causes Jem to embarrass Walter in the face of the family but it also shows a difference in status…show more content…
I want to play with Walter, Aunty, why can 't I? She took off her glasses and stared at me. I 'll tell you why ' she said. 'Because he is trash, that 's why you can 't play with him." (225) This shows how social classes separate people even if they are from the same place. Poor people were with poor, and and middle classes people or rich people with their groups. That was not discrimination about race, it was about social classes. The highest class in Maycomb, Alabama consisted of those who were white, came from good family lines and worked for a living. This class was treated with mostly respect, but they were expected to maintain their integrity of white peoples and their own families. The poor and lazy people in Maycomb are the Ewell 's family, they rarely worked, and when they did thy held a very low job. They made little money and therefore often turn into thievery. They did not come from a respectable families. The poor and hard working people in Maycomb are the Cunningham 's family, they really work hard for their money and food to put on the table, with their little money that they have they still take their children to school and get their education, they don 't rely on the government, the community really respect them because of the good things that they do. The Great Depression affect them but they didn 't allow it to overcome them.
In conclusion, the Great Depression contribute in the separation between rich and poor because the social
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