The Role Of The Devil In Salem 1692

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In Salem 1692 a group of young teenage girls claimed to be possessed by the “Devil”, due to the “witchcraft” done by their female neighbors. The Salem Witch trials were a group of young teens who accused their neighbors for being witches. It is said that the teenagers were having weird and unstable behavior. They would move in ways that is explainable, and the teenagers would randomly act like wild animals( History.com). It stated that the people from Salem believed that any birthmarks, warts moles, or other blemishes were seen as possible portals which Satan (The Devil) could enter a body. The most abominable part of the Salem trials were the abominable deaths of the so called “witches”. As you can see the town of Salem was very religious. In Salem, religion was part of everyday life. It was against the law not to attend church where people were arranged by gender. discovery education tells us the people of Salem believed that all sins should be punished. Even the littlest sin can get you in big trouble. They had such strong faith in this “God” that every bad thing that happened to you that no one could control ( sick child, rotten crop, miscarriage etc.) was a punishment for sinful behavior. In Salem the Devil was as real as God. The people also believed Satan (the devil) would …show more content…

It used to be a name that meant to honor Earth and mother nature as goddesses. It was simply another religion, it was...well normal. Women were the ones who commonly practiced witchcraft, because they were left at home while men were at work. Witches were treated like goddesses. Why, because they’d heal the sick and pain. They were worshiped and well respected, but not in Salem. In Salem 1692 the witches were hated the only religion that was acceptable that was pretty much Christianity. Witchcraft was a threat against Christianity. So anyone who was accused of being a witch was sentenced to die in a abhorrent

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