The Running Man And The Chrysalids Comparison

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Compare the journeys of discovery in The Running Man and The Chrysalids.

The Running Man written by Michael Gerard Bauer and The Chrysalids written by John Wyndham both have strong meanings to them and both are very similar to each other in many ways, for an example their fears their both afraid of something but overcome it. They also discover many things throughout the whole book, like when David discovered he had powers or when Joseph discovered his neighbor is actually not a bad man.

One thing that David discovers is he had telepathic powers. The reader first hears this when he was sitting talking with his cousin Rosalind but in fact she wasn't there, Uncle Axel walked over to home and questioned him and that's when also Axel discovered …show more content…

David is scared his parents will find out about his powers, so he gets help of uncle Axel. To David, Axel is like his best friend and he can trust him with anything. Axel helps David whenever he needs him and answers all his questions, he is more of a father figure than David's own father. At the very start when Axel finds out David had those powers he told David to never ever tell anyone about them because he could get killed. Joseph is scared that the running man will get him and kill him or hurt him, but when he meets his neighbor Tom Leyton he begins to understand The running man. Tom helped Joseph by telling him stories and things that have happened to him. Each time Joseph went to Tom's house he learnt more about the running man and how to think about him. “Maybe he wasn't always like how he is now” said Tom to Joseph. By saying that Tom meant the running might of been a different man before, maybe something happened to him that made him change like he is now, and that made Joseph think. When Joseph saw the running man when he was under the bus shelter the running man said “all there lives, in a box” quoting a poem that Tom said to Joseph. Tom helps Joseph so much that in the end of the book Joseph sees the running man and talks to him, Tom got Joseph from being scared of the running man to talking to him fearlessly. These discoveries relate because one, they're both scared of something and two,

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