The Salem Witch Trials: The Darkest Times In American History

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The Salem Witch Trials The well-known events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts during 1962, were known as the Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Trials quickly began after a group of young girls began making accusations about the use of witchcraft by several members of the community in Salem. “The trials are known as one of the darkest times in American history.” (Brooks) The trials were strongly influenced by the puritan beliefs, Tituba, and the citizens of Salem.
Although the citizens were against the use of witchcraft, the puritan beliefs had a major contribution to their decision. Many thought that it was very hard to live by and follow puritan beliefs. “It is a religion of endless striving and a very uncertain reward. The Puritans believed that every person’s fate is predetermined by God …show more content…

Tituba was the first person of Salem to be accused of practicing witchcraft, and she was an Indian slave that was the babysitter of Elizabeth Parris and her cousin Abigail Williams.(Blumstein, 16:33-17:26) The girls were left in the care of Tituba quite often and they spent a lot of time with one another. Elizabeth and Abigail became very interested in Tituba’s stories and tricks that she showed the girls. The girls were aware that the behavior portrayed by Tituba was “forbidden” in their close puritan community. (Blumstein, 16:59-17:00) “She told fanciful tales involving magic and power as winter grew on she demonstrated whoo do tricks for the girls.”( Blumstein, 16:33- 22:12)The girls enjoyed listening to Tituba’s stories and magic tricks they began inviting their friends over to enjoy the tricks as much as they did. The girls ranged from ages twelve to twenty.(Blumstein 16:33) The stories and tricks that were demonstrated by Tituba contributed to the accusations made by Abigail Williams and the other girls in the small village and town of Salem,

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