The Scarlet Ibis Literary Analysis

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The Power of Love: Passion or Pride?
Why do we hurt the ones we love? What causes our sweet, light hearted personalities to become black with anger and frustration? These questions are brought into focus in the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst. In this short story, a boy tries to teach his handicapped younger brother to blend in and act normal. The older brother tries to teach Doodle, his younger brother, to walk instead of crawl but there are many obstacles to overcome. As events unfold, the older brother becomes frustrated and angered with Doodle’s issues. Little does Doodle’s brother know, mistreating his brother can have serious consequences. Throughout the story, Doodle’s older brother shows many different characteristics …show more content…

When the story begins, Doodle is born with many complications. The doctors said he would die and the family of which Doodle belonged too thought the same. Doodle’s older brother, who was six at the time, overheard his mother talking about how Doodle might never be truly aware of his surrounding or be able to function in general. After hearing this, the older brother thought it was best to put Doodle out of his misery before it got any worse : “It was bad enough having an invalid brother, but one who possibly was not there was unbearable, so I planned to smother him with a pillow” (Hurst 464). The actions and characteristics that Doodle’s older brother shows the reader is very clear. He was so uncertain of his brothers future that he would kill his younger brother so then Doodle wouldn't be in …show more content…

The older boy loved his younger brother, but sometimes hurt him too. Whether he was doing what was best for Doodle or letting his emotions get the best of him, it was these two factors that complicate the older boy’s character as well as complicated the story itself. As seen by Doodle’s older brother, we hurt the ones we love sometimes because they are a burden and stress on us, however it can also be because we want them to succeed. So what makes you hurt the ones you love? Could your vulgar behavior toward loved ones hurt them beyond repair

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