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Notoriously violent, powerful and ruthless, Tomas, The Snake, Chacon, ruled the cocaine trade for two decades, in the small area of Central America where this story takes place. His nefarious enterprise brought him a level of wealth that had him listed in the top ten richest men in his Province by the mid 1980’s. Possibly one of the most famous names in the criminal history. Of the local area, he became a cult figure to many of the young hoodlums in the slums of the city where he lived. Born Luis Esteban Chavez, the middle child of a respectable family in Medellin, Colombia, he was known as the diplomat in the family. Whenever there were arguments among the children, it was Luis Esteban who made peace. While in school he strived to make …show more content…

He liked to smoke the strong South American cannabis, a habit he indulged until his death. A craving for easy money had him dealing marijuana by the time he was 20 years old. He was already skilled at stealing cars and disposing of them quickly, he was starting to build a name for himself in the criminal underworld of the city. Luis Esteban, or |”The Snake,” as he was known in the early years, entered the cocaine trade under the tutelage of Chico Ramirez, who tested the young man now known as The Snake by sending him to purchase the high grade coca paste from Bolivia and Peru—a very dangerous assignment. Chico ran the local Cartel and processed the raw material into cocaine for distribution in the city. The Snake proved himself to be fearless and efficient at completing this assignment. Working with Chico, The Snake” made use of his numerous contacts throughout the city to arrange for the distribution of the cocaine. It was a match made in heaven. The drug business began to grow from the streets of their city to an international trade, requiring a greater workforce. Luis Esteban became an indispensible partner for Chico, making the business grow using his ability to collaborate with other criminal groups in the

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