The Spirit Of Ebenezer Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Do you not love Christmas? Do you have that Christmas spirit? Everyone does right? You might think so, but actually not everyone loves Christmas and has that wonderful, great spirit! In the movie of the Christmas Carol there is a man, advanced in years, who is named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is visited by the three spirits of Christmas. He gets a visit by the spirit of Christmas past, the present, and the future! These three spirits are on a very difficult mission to help Scrooge get that happy, wonderful spirit. After three hours Scrooge will become a changed man who is ready for Christmas with his family and everyone else. I believe, though, that the spirit of the future changed him the most. The spirit of yet-to-come made him visit many life changing events that would ,for sure, change his mind about everything. The phantom took Scrooge to see his …show more content…

Scrooge felt threatened by this even more and swore he would change forever. He kept swearing that he would change, but the unlike the other spirits he thought that it was not enough for Scrooge. By this time Scrooge now felt scared of what was to come.He assured the spirit that he would change into a better kind and generous person. The spirit finally let scrooge go back to his time and Scrooge became very happy with this and kept his promise for sure! He enjoyed Christmas Eve with Bob and his family and lived very happily. He changed the way he acted with the whole town as well!

The spirit of the future did many things. He showed Scrooge his dead body and grave.He also showed him how it would be like without him. Without him the people would be more happy and full of joy! This made Scrooge fell a little sad and disappointed, but what really changed him is seeing his own self's dead body! He felt sorry for his sins and swore to change and so he did! This is was the story of Ebenezer

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