The Stages Of Human Life In 'Beowulf'

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The stages of human life in “Beowulf”
“Beowulf” is an adventure about a hero named Beowulf, who fights monsters to protect his people and his kingdom. The battle between Beowulf and the three ferocious monsters represents the fight between humans and their difficulties in life. All three vicious monsters symbolize different stages of human life such as, controlling jealousy in early age, dealing with morality in middle age, and facing death in the end.
Grendel, a descendant of Cain, exemplifies a horrible image of an outcast or loner from Herot society. He is banished to the swamplands, which is described as “in a hell not hell but earth”. Grendel longs for the acceptance of mankind; he is jealous of the society that he cannot be a

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