Story Of Forgetting Literary Analysis

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The Story of Forgetting reveals one of many incidents of Alzheimer that have tormented families. Some live in denial, while others try everything to bring back their old family member or even just get a glimpse of their old self. Coping with the disease is an entirely personal matter, which can vary a lot. In “The Story of Forgetting” we meet Seth whose mother is afflicted with the disease - A disease that strips away your most basic human capabilities day by day.

Seth, the story’s main character comes from a troubled family. The gruelling disease, Alzheimer, which have hit Seth’s mom, plagues the family. The disease both saddens and scares Seth. Besides Seth, the story portrays his father who works long hours and drinks when he gets home. Seth is rather troubled with the way his father treats his mom. It torments Seth soul to witness his father’s denial. Since the beginning of his mom’s disease his father started getting mad at his mother. Seth says “Because under the rules of my dad forgetful and selfish were synonymous, I didn’t say a thing.” . The way Seth’s father treats his mom makes Seth distance himself more and more from his own father. Sometimes it feels like Seth blames himself for not telling his father everything that’s going on with his mother, but then he also realizes how her dad accuses his mother of a million things, which
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The world exists alongside our own world. Almost everything is the same except one crucial element. Nobody remembers anything in this fairytale world. The morale of this story is that even though it sounds scary not being able to remember anything, it might be a positive thing; hence you don’t have anything to be scared about. The story might be Seth’s mother way of coping with the disease that is slowly deteriorating. Furthermore it might have served as a way of telling her son, Seth, what is going to happen with
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