The Story Of King John I And The Magna Carta

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The Story of King John I and The Magna Carta. THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS. The Magna Carta or the Great Charter was a grant of provisions to the barons and limit the powers of the kings so they couldn’t abuse their powers. This charter was the first attempt made to limit power of the kings and was in 1215 signed by King John I at Runnymede a meadow near London after being forced by the barons. However, John in a way and was just the wrong person to lead the kingdom at the wrong time and most of John’s actions were reasonable.

John had many enemies in the barons. Before John was granted the kingdom it was run by Richard the Lionheart and John was known to be a womaniser and had loved many women that were daughters to barons. When he did get his power, the result of his behaviour caused him many enemies in the barons and wasn’t a good way to start of leading a kingdom. …show more content…

It is important to understand that the Pope in 1215 was much more dangerous than the Pope at the time of Henry VIII. The Pope proposed Stephen Langton, however John disagreed. When Stephen Langton did become the archbishop, John confiscated all church property from Canterbury for his own use and suspended all church activities. As a consequence he had made two enemies: the Pope and the Archbishop- Stephen Langton. The Pope for his part- had unblessed England for a period of 4 years, and in those 4 years John had lost many wars. In 1212, the Pope agreed to bless England for a annual fee. This meant John had to raise his

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