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May 2024

Absurdism is the belief that human existence is inherently meaningless. We live and we die, anything in between is insignificant. Existentialism is the idea that every person is responsible for creating their own meaning within the absurd. Albert Camus was a prominent absurdist philosopher in the first half of the 20th century. He wrote his novel L'Étranger or The Stranger as a vehicle for his philosophy. The Novel follows the story of Meursault before and after he murders a man in French Algiers. Meursault is the primary way existentialism and absurdism are displayed in the novel. In his Novel The Stranger, Camus uses indirect characterization in Mersault’s interactions as well as his internal dialogue to display …show more content…

The magistrate questions Meursault after his arrest. One of the things he asks Meursault is if he hired an attorney. Meursault discusses this by saying, “I admitted I hadn't [hired a lawyer] and inquired whether it was really necessary to have one…I thought my case was pretty simple” (63). Mersault believes his case is simple because at the end of the day he is ready to accept all consequences for his actions. He is ready to accept any and all consequences that come with his choice to shoot the man. Neutral and emotionless language is used to display this simplicity. At the beginning of this chapter Meursalt admits that he used to not want to talk about his imprisonment. He later changes his mind saying,“I no longer saw any point to my reluctance [to speak about being imprisoned]”(72). Meusault loses interest in things incredibly quickly as soon as he realizes that they are absurd. For example, the Magistrate is deeply religious “[he said] all men believed in God…That was his belief, and if he were ever to doubt it, his life would become meaningless.” He shouts'‘Do you want my life to be meaningless?’... As far as [Meursault] could see, it didn't have anything to do with [him]”(74). Because religion is not tangible, and he cannot see any reason for him to believe in god. His flat way of speaking also shows that he does not understand how the magistrate could find meaning in …show more content…

When Meursault’s Neighbor, Salamano lost his dog, he came to Meursault for comfort. Instead of providing sympathy Meursault tells him , “ he could get another dog, but he was right to point out to me that he was used to this one” (44). Meusault immediately suggesting that he get another dog shows that he assumes that the problem is him no longer having any dog, not that he does not have that specific dog. Also, by saying that he was “used to this one” it further emphasizes that meursault sees no meaning in Salamanos emotional attachment to his dog. Marie and Meusault go into the hallway of his apartment building and find Raymond assaulting his mistress, Meursalt and Marie’s responses differ “[Marie] asked [Mersault] to go find a policeman, but [he] told her [he] didn't like cops” (36). His response shows that he is only concerned with how the situation could possibly affect him. The woman and her situation are meaningless to him. Meursault's boss tells him that “He was planning to open an office in Paris…and he wanted to know how I felt about going there”(41). he tries to persuade Meursault into going by saying “You're young, and it seems to me it's the kind of life that would appeal to you." Meursalt responds to this by saying “yes but [it is really] all the same to me. One life was as good as another and that I wasn't dissatisfied with mine here at all”(41). Meursault

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