The Struggle In Mary Freeman's The Revolt Of Mother

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During the 19th century, women were overshadowed by the men of their household, therefore they had no sense of independence nor dominance. In Mary Freeman’s short story, “The Revolt of Mother,” the author presents Sarah Penn, a woman who takes a stand against her husband. In the beginning, the reader learns that Sarah is a hardworking mother and wife. She maintains the household work and meets her children needs. She is suddenly confused of her husband’s actions concerning their future. Sarah then decides to take charge and confront her husband. Throughout the story, the author presents a realistic view of the domestic power and counter forces within the Penn marriage as she develops Sarah’s role. Her leadership breaks traditions and influences generations to come. To brighten her family’s future, Sarah begins taking charge, altering their marriage and attitudes of her children . As the story opens, the reader becomes aware that Sarah Penn, a hardworking housewife, …show more content…

Confronting Adoniram, “Sarah stood before her husband in the humble fashion of a Scripture woman (White).” Upset with his lack of words Sarah does not hesitate to put matters into her own hands once he leaves for business. Finding out her son had more authority above her determined she needed to change the roles within the family. Sammy “showed a face like his father’s under the smooth crest of hair,” (Lauter 396), who acts strongly similar to his father and chooses to withdraw himself from Sarah’s scheme.Sarah figured she was lesser than her own son whom knew the reasoning for three months. Thus, Sarah, reigning over her children, demanded them to follow instructions. With the help of her two children, Nanny and Sammy, Sarah planned to confiscate the newly built barn as her new home.Without a single word, the family emptied their old

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