The Ten Boom Analysis

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In the novel, the ten Booms were evangelical Christians, and only needed the Bible with them, anything else was unnecessary. They believed in As nazi doctrine started to plague Haarlem, non-Jews start to turn against Jews, a crisis had started. At the beginning of the novel on page
30 and 31, a Jewish man from Munich comes in with Willem, saying that his beard was burnt off by xenophobic German teenagers. Corrie claims that this was the first of the crisis that left over six million Jews dead. The ten Booms knew that despite different beliefs, it was their moral obligation not to turn their backs on the Jews in the time of need. Despite this, many others in Haarlem did not feel the same way, as with Otto, the former employee of …show more content…

Betsie refused to be selfish, while Corrie tried not to be, saying it’s the devil at work to be selfish in any way, even during this time. Corrie says this on page 224 when Betsie and her purposely go in the middle of the roll call to get warmth during the cold German winter weather. Despite both of their strong faith in God and the Bible, they still questioned why they were being forced to suffer in the concentration camp, especially when they were stripped of their clothing. But they then are reminded that now they have suffered similar to how Jesus suffered, especially with being stripped of their clothing and being tortured. This motivated them to make plans to help other survivors when they are released, as they never want to stop helping others in need. When Betsie dies, Corrie is at first devastated, but then realizes that Betsie is free from her suffering; she has been saved and is in heaven. Her restored faith had helped her after the war, and the rest of her life.

Had Corrie lost faith, or never had faith, be able to survive through the Holocaust? While the answer is impossible to say, it is likely possible the ten Booms would of never taken in Jews, or would have stopped when it was considered a major crime. Or maybe being faithless would of made no difference, this question can

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