The Theme Of Manipulation In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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“He who controls his own thoughts, controls his own destiny.” -Ross Arntson These words are relevant to today 's time as much as they were 400 years ago, teaching us to direct our own destiny before someone else does. You have a choice to control your destiny, before someone can come along and change your perceptions. Humans tend to twist others minds for their own advantage, using manipulation to receive what they desire. Throughout Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar, manipulation occurs in multiple situations revealing to be skillful tool controlling or influencing others to your personal advantage. Characters play to their individual strengths, and search for others weaknesses. Caesars ‘friends’ such as Brutus, demonstrated strict beliefs at the beginning of the play. Later on, their outlook changed as being manipulated by others. The act of manipulation and persuasion is able to change …show more content…

The theme of manipulation was portrayed throughout Julius Caesar from characters to their thoughts and opinions. Cassius used manipulation as a powerful tool to change Brutus’s opinion of Caesar that also lead to betrayal. As for Decius; he uses manipulation in wit that sends Caesar to his death. Shakespeare demonstrated a key idea from Julius Caesar long ago which connects to our generation today. Manipulation is relevant in various forms today. From the time of Julius Caesar, media has shifted in different ways, and peoples thoughts and opinions have changed, due to media manipulation. Manipulation is accomplished due to the techniques used today, as people are usually unaware to see what comes towards them. Caesars egotism and pride lead to his death, as he chose to see blindly the dangers coming towards him. He was betrayed by his own friend, and out of arrogance, chose to ignore warnings. While pride is a fair trait, too much can blind one to see the danger of situations. The tragedy of Julius Caesar conveys several important messages that we grasp from characters and

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