The Theme Of Obligation In Sophocles Antigone

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What do you often do when you have a moral dilemma? Do you often just go with what you feel is right even though it’s considered otherwise or do you hold back in fear of avoiding conflict? There are often a lot of things that could affect how you act but it is justified when your family is on the line. Antigone is a play written by Sophocles taking place in Greek mythology following the king of Thebes Creon and how he deals with the decision to bury Polynices. In Sophocles's play, Antigone the author utilizes the point of view of Antigone, Creon, to explore the meaning of justice and moral obligation between these two characters.
The play Antigone explores the idea of moral obligation through Antigone in contrast to Creon in a few ways …show more content…

(Sophocles 220)On the other hand, Creon’s point of view is a complete contrast to Antigones as Creon's main focus is keeping the peace and balance with the state before anything comes from the role of king. Where he believes that anyone under him should follow his orders with no hesitation or doubt as his moral obligation is that the subjects should follow the king. He even goes to turn against his son when told that the town’s people and himself are against the decision that Antigone, his niece, will be framed as a traitor. These are some of the main examples of how moral obligation is explored in the story through the characters of Creon and …show more content…

Iseme Do you confess your share in this crime, or deny it? Answer me.” (Sophocles 212) “Creon- With justice all that I do is within my rights?/Hamilton- You have no right to trample on God’s right” (Sophocles 221)This better helps to showcase Creon's differing side on justice as we see that Creon has a very black-and-white view of things and refusal to not listen to any differing viewpoints as going to punish Iseme for not trying to stop her even if she didn’t know to begin with. Fully going against the divine laws of the land in contrast to

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