The Titanic: The Tragic Ranging Of The Titanic

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What does one think of when the name Titanic is said? That it was one of perhaps the most tragic events to have ever occurred on the sea? What is certain however is that it is one of the most remembered historical events to have ever occurred on the ocean and it is possible that the words “criminal negligence” come to one’s mind however, people look at it most have no idea of the true reasons the Titanic sank and that is why several people over the years have delved into the mystery of what sank the ship God himself could not.
Most believe it to be the one accomplishment of a lone iceberg what most do not know is that there was a fire burning in one of the worst areas a fire could have burned. This is no theory for many eyewitness accounts and logs prove this, there are even photos of where the fire had taken place on the starboard side of the ship. All of which will be elaborated on in the later. Some quick variations of the theories surrounding the tragic sinking of the great ocean liner are all over at best.
Ranging from it being sunk for insurance reasons, which when it comes down to it is odd in and of itself as the theory suggests it was not R.M.S Titanic that sank April 14th but rather her sister ship the Olympic that was sunk instead. In the month of time after her completion and commissioning the Olympic had already had two major collisions which resulted in her needing to be repaired that would have been extremely expensive which is, however why many

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