The Tragic Hero In William Ford's The Good Soldier

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The first prodigious war that involve most of the world brought many dreadful consequences. This war is best known as World War 1. The war was being fought by thirty-two different countries from across the world. There were many battles fought during at period of four devastating years. As a result, this major war had many bloody battles that took the life of many soldiers. Ford Madox Ford was a prodigy since he was a kid. Ford was influenced early in his childhood into literature by his parents. Ford pursued his interests and entered the writing profession. Ford started off with a novel that put him in the writing society. Ford continued writing until he got ill at the age of thirty. Ford surpassed his illness with a novel that gained back his respect upon the writing society. After this, Ford had a downfall due to his personal life, and once again rose from the ground because of the experiences he …show more content…

In other words, Ford’s writing career can be described as a roller coaster because of his success and downfalls. The Good Soldier is one of the best novels Ford wrote. The Good Soldier is a book with a misnomer. Yes, one expects the novel to be about an honorable soldier who has an admirable reputation. Instead, not only the soldier, Edward Ashburnham, but most characters are portrayed as the complete opposite one would expect. In the novel, one can that an individual shouldn’t be judge by their appearance. Therefore, the meaning of the work as a whole is that appearance and the reality don’t correlate. This war was a dynamic movement of complicated series between European powers. Before the war started, many individuals strongly believed in the power and great resources their country had. In other words, the people's patriotism for their countries was because of their culture, traditions, and military power. As a result, one of the major causes of World War I were “the rising nationalist

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