The Truth About Sharks By Joan Bauer Summary

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Have you ever come face to face with a huge great white shark? I bet you haven’t! In the short story, The Truth about Sharks by Joan Bauer. Beth is falsely accused for stealing a pair of jeans when she was really just trying to find an outfit for her Uncle Al’s birthday party.She starts as a nervous girl trying to prove herself innocent. However, in the end, Beth stands up for her rights and demands an apology from the security guard and the owner of the store. In addition, an examination of Beth, In “The Truth About Sharks” by Joan Bauer, reveals to stand up for what is right. In the beginning of the story, Beth is an innocent girl merely trying to buy a pair of jeans who didn’t propose to get into trouble. She just wanted to get her outfit and go home. On page 35, the text explicitly states, “I tried the fifth. Not bad. I turned in front of the mirror. Not perfect, but doable. And with my beaded vest these could be downright smashing.” This statement expresses Beth’s innocence. Beth was very easygoing about getting her jeans and the last thing she wanted or imagined was getting in the position she was in; being falsely accused. Joan Bauer wrote, “They look nice on you. They do don’t they? I smiled at the beckoning sale right over a rack of pants right by the elevator that I had not seen before” (36). This reinforces how Beth was just …show more content…

Towards the beginning of the short story, Beth seemed to be an innocent girl. As the story progressed, Beth became a very nervous girl. Nevertheless, the short story came to a close, Beth became a very confident woman. Beth’s actions relate to many important people in history. Rosa Parks. Malcolm X. Dr. martin Luther King Jr. All of these people stood up for their rights just as Beth did. So, “If you’re swimming in the ocean and a shark comes at you to attack, hit him in the nose” and stand up for what you believe

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