The Ultimate Goal Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Wealth is the ultimate goal of the American dream. Americans have let the standard of wealth get in the way of more circumstances in life that are important. Wealth can consume someone’s thought of the definition of true love and life itself. With the focus of wealth, on one’s mind it can block the reality that is right in front of them. Likewise, the focus of wealth can also keep one living in a façade that only ends in confusion. In addition, the confusion could possibly be asking themselves the question: was being wealthy my biggest aspiration? Furthermore, wealth may not be the ultimate goal in life. Instead, it can consume. The effectiveness of the wealthy shown in the great Gatsby and midnight in Paris perceive that wealth consumes. In the Baz Luhrman film The Great Gatsby, the characters were wealthy. With that in mind, it appeared as though they had everything in their lives together, but that was false. Gatsby only becomes rich because he felt that that way he could live life more abundantly. However, that was also not true. He was a wealthy man, but he let the wealth consume his ideas of life and what daisy wanted; whom he thought for 5 years that was his true love. Though he thought, Daisy would be impressed and fall in love with his mansion etc., which she was impressed, but she was not in love with him anymore. Gatsby focused for five years trying to make his life better by wealth, but it did not give him what he truly wanted which was daisy. Another example of
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