The Values Of Self-Esteem: Self And Social Concepts

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Self-esteem is how people view themselves positively or natively. It is not a physical object, people cannot touch it with their hands, but they can feel it with their heart. Although people cannot see it, it can be rated when people are looking themselves in front of the mirror. Self-esteem is a very important component for people in everyday life. An individual person should have self-esteem as self-respect and confidence in order to value his or her actions are behaving right or wrong. In more easily to comprehend, it is closely related to social identity, therefore, mostly identifying with a group that the prestige and position in society attaches to one 's self-concept (Hogg & Vaughan, 2011).

Self-esteem is the entire sense of self-worth that people have the tendency to use to assess our traits and skills. The self-concepts of people are determined by multiple effects, as well as the characters we play, the comparisons people create, the social identities of people, also how people sense others appraising them, and the experiences that people are being success and failure (Myers, 2013).

A researcher, Waitley, said the meaning of esteem is appreciating the value or worth of something (1997). Therefore, self-esteem is how people are confident and satisfying of themselves. Self-esteem is one of the most crucial and essential qualities of a winning human being. It seems self-esteem as an energy that make people’s lives more significant. It is that

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