The Village And 1984 Comparison Essay

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The movie, The Village, and the novel 1984 provides new insight and connections on a “utopian” society. Both are very similar to each other in a way that their utopian society has many flaws. 1984 is about a rebellion against an iron-fisted totalitarian government while The Village is about an attempt to protect the innocence of people. In these societies, the leaders lie in order to try and achieve a utopian world. Both societies have different purposes to control the people through fear, but despite their attempts to create a utopian society, they were only successful to a certain extent. By controlling the people in their society, the leader is able to have all the power and influence over the people. In The Village, the elders did …show more content…

In The Village, people are injured and hurt. For example, Lucius is confronted with an attempt of murder by Noah later on in the movie. Noah was jealous of Lucius and was unable to fully control his behavior and unable to understand the ramifications of his act. The village was created in order to protect the people from the violence and evil from the real world, however, even after creating the village, people were still injured. In 1984, many people rebel against Big Brother and the government. For example, “He discovered that while he sat helplessly musing he had also been writing, as though by automatic action… DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (Orwell 18). Winston feels that there is something fundamentally wrong and is not satisfied with his government. It shows that Winston starts to think that the government is controlling everything and becoming totalitarian. No matter how hard the people tried to make a utopian society, it was never successful. Both societies have diverse purposes to control the general population through trepidation, yet in spite of their endeavors to make an idealistic culture, they were unsuccessful. In 1984, the government uses the Thought Police to acquire absolute power. However, in The Village, the elders create stories of monsters in order to protect the children from innocence and danger in reality. The novel and the movie make individuals realize how our world is similar to

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