The Woman In Black Gothic Analysis

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Captivating gothic elements indulge the reader in “The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill. Gothic elements are supernatural effects that create a feeling of dread and mystery. In the novella, Hill uses precise details to add a gothic atmosphere with the London Fog, Crythin Gifford, and the scene at the park. The first chilling detail that gives the novella a gothic element is the London fog. Hill emotionally attaches the feeling of dread as she illustrates the thick, dark fog. She makes the reader sense dread as the people of London are going about their duties. In reference to the fog, Arthur expresses, “…and already glowing dark, not because of the lateness of the hour-it was barely three o’ clock-but because of the fog…” (Hill 20). His comment …show more content…

At first the scene is portrayed as festive and cheerful. The bands are playing and everyone is excited. Arthur’s wife spots an attraction that offers a horse and buggy ride. The wife and baby go on the buggy ride, but Arthur is very relieved when the buggy returns. He states, “At the same moment, to my intense relief, the pony cart came trotting back down the avenue…” (Hill 163). As the cart is coming into sight, the woman makes her appearance. When the woman does, she looks directly at Arthur as if intended for him. The woman steps out in front of the pony and cart and the horse is frightened. As always when the woman appears, a child has to die. Arthur despairingly discloses, “Our baby son had been thrown clear, clear against another tree. He lay there crumpled on the grass below it, dead” (Hill 164). The author made sure that the woman carried through with the curse instead of breaking it. This is the true definition of a gothic element. The London fog, the town of Crythin Gifford, and the park scene all gives the novella a very gothic atmosphere. The novella, especially gives a feeling of dread and mystery with the atmosphere. “The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill is a haunting story that leaves the reader searching for more answers, maybe even more than

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