Their Eyes Are Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

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During the Harlem Renaissance, people believed that this was a time of discrimination but the African Americans took it as a new type of self-determination and pride within their race, and with excitement for the future they could keep a positive focus which later leads to the civil rights movement of 1964. Which created a nonviolent movement that abolished legalized racial segregation, and discrimination throughout the US.
In Zora Neale Hurston's book, Their eyes are watching God, Hurston both reflects and departs from the Harlem Renaissance belief that there is excitement for the future as shown by Janie's accomplishments, Independence as well as struggles with her different husbands and adventures. One way the novel shows a reflection is through independence and a sense of newness. This quote shows this by revealing “ A feeling of sudden newness and change came over her. Janie …show more content…

This quote is showing how Hurston is using blues music to express happiness and pride. “Then Tea Cake went up to the piano without so much as asking and began playing blues and singing, and throwing grins over his shoulder” (103). This quote is a Reflection on the Harlem Renaissance belief of pride and excitement for the accomplishments of the race because African Americans making music, singing, and interacting with the cotton club and other places was a huge turning point and accomplishment for the race. It gave them a way to express themselves without being put down and also gave them a voice. Tea Cake and Janie are hanging out when Tea Cake suddenly goes and starts to play the piano then Janie wakes up and Tea Cake starts to teach Janie how to play which makes Janie happy and makes her feel loved. Because of this Hurston is reflecting on the Harlem Renaissance belief of pride and excitement for the accomplishments of

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