Their Eyes Were Watching God Imagery Quotes

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Rough Draft Essay The book Their Eyes Were Watching God was written in 1937 by Zora Neale Hurston. To me this book is about a girl named Janie who is trying to find love but time after time she fails until she meets what she thinks is the right one until he dies of rabies. Throughout the essay I will be going through quotes from chapters 10 & 18 that helped me conduct imagery throughout the book. The first quote is “She handed over the cigarettes and took the money.He broke the pack and thrusted one between his full, purple lips”(Chapter 10) I’m not even sure why but this quote really stuck out to me because I can imagine Janie giving this random guy a pack of cigarettes and taking the money while he’s opening the pack to smoke a cigarette. I make out every little part of the store that Janie is at and how I would think the inside would look. But other than that I just find the quote somewhat interesting. …show more content…

Janie burst out laughing in spite of herself. “You crazy thing!”He turned and threw his hat at her feet.”(Chapter 10) The reason I chose this quote is because I can create my own version of Janie’s voice in my head and when I create my Janie voice I give her a heavy southern accent for funsies. But I can also again paint out the setting of this quote and I can make out what color I would want Tea Cake's hat to be. I also just chose this quote because I like making my voice for Janie in my head. My third and final quote is “One of the Bahaman boys stopped by Tea Cake’s house and hollered. Tea Cake came out throwin’ laughter over his shoulder into the house.” I chose this quote because I feel like it's a more detailed quote of what is happening in the moment. Like it shows that Tea Cake is obviously talking to one of closer friends. It also kind of shows how much of a likable person Tea Cake

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