Theme Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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"Courage: a word only seven letters long, yet it has so many meanings." The quote I just used can 't be found anywhere in the book, but it caught your attention, didn 't it? Anyway, this theme relates to To Kill A Mockingbird because it is shown all throughout the book. Everywhere from the beginning, right to the very end. You see in text, in character, everywhere. Courage isn 't for the brave of heart, or heroes, it 's for you and I. It helps us see and do what is right, and this book would be drastically different without it. Many things would 've never happened. Friends and enemies never made, stories that would never be able to be told, because they would have never happened. So this book needs courage, and I could end this essay here, but I think you deserve a bit more explanation. All throughout this book, courage exists. It never stops, it never stays, and it 's always going from one character to the next. For example, Scout stands in front of a mob, and just talks to them, to try to calm them down. If that doesn 't show courage and bravery, then I don 't know what does. The exact quote goes something like this, "Don 't you remember me Mr.Cunningham? I 'm Jean Louise Finch. You brought us hickory nuts one time, remember?" This may not seem like much, until you remember that she 's in front pf a mob, and she 's just a child. She 's trying to get Mr.Cunningham to realize what he 's doing, to rise above his hate. She 's obviously scared, but who 's ever been courages
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