Theme Of Feminism In The Crucible

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The Feminist Part of The Crucible. Feminism In the novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller, I see a lot of feminism present throughout Salem, Massachusetts in the 1960s. One way it is present is with how men hold all the power, with jobs and they have more power than women in all. Also, Miller makes it seem like women are liars during the whole play. Lastly, the girls that do declare whether someone was a witch or wizard had an absurd amount of power for a women in that time. I notice that there is a lot of feminism present in The Crucible in the ways that the men hold all the positions of power, and women are liars throughout the whole play, then lastly the way he gave the girls an extensive amount of power when they basically got to decide if someone was a witch or not. When reading the play The Crucible, I notice that men have more power than women do in the workforce and in general. In this time of history that was just how it was for everyone women are just not renown at all. Every reverend in the play is a man, and then all of the judges for the witch trials are also men. A woman 's place in this play and in this time period was in the house taking care of the chores and children, than their other job was to go to church and make sure their family goes to church. Women are always doing anything the men ask them to do without a hesitation, if they didn’t want to do it they would make their wife or servant do it for them, because they have more power than the women did. A
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