Theme Of Identity In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay

In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the majority of society is identical. This leaves the individuals who break away from the pack, and actually think about what is going on, which makes one of the major themes individuality.

The first example of the theme of identity is on page 10, when Clarisse McClellan and Montag were walking home together. When they arrived at the McClellans’ house, Clarisse asked Montag, “Are you happy?” And then ran off to her home before Montag had a chance to answer. This made Montag begin to question if he really was happy, or if he was just subconsciously masking his lack of any emotion. After his own personal struggle, he started thinking about everyone else’s happiness, and if they were also just wearing masks of happiness to disguise their lack of individuality.

Second, on page 40, Montag and the rest of the firemen respond to a call, and find a woman in her home who refuses to leave. She showed the firemen a single kitchen match, and they promptly went outside to start the fire. Then the woman walked out onto the porch with the match. “The woman on the porch reached …show more content…

Think about the former state of society, the real reason for the censorship of books, and most importantly, think about themselves. They want people to have the individuality that they never had before the bombing. The real goal was to build up humanity to its fullest potential, but prevent people from losing their identity in the

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