Theme Of Madness In Hamlet

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In the play Hamlet, we are introduced to Hamlet’s character who stumbles upon the Ghost of his father and swears to avenge his father’s murderer. Shakespeare uses the character, Hamlet, to illustrate the theme of madness. Due to the chain of events that has occurred in Denmark, it is proven that these events drive Hamlet towards insanity. As the play progresses, Hamlet has starts transitioning into a mad person through his act of madness. By the end of the play, Hamlet’s state of mind has gone out of control. In the beginning, we can see that Hamlet’s state of mind is distraught due to his father’s death and his mother’s hastily marriage. Later on, Hamlet stumbles upon the Ghost of his father and uncovers the truth of his death that causes Hamlet to act mad to avenge his father’s death. The chain of events that has occurred proves that it has driven Hamlet towards insanity. To start with, Ever since the death of Hamlet Sr., Hamlet is appeared to be in a state of madness as he says, “But I have that within which passeth show, / These but the trappings and the suits of woe.” (1.2.85-86) where he states that his display of grief can merely show what he actually feels and that he has more grief inside of him that is hidden. …show more content…

er, Hamlet has his step-father, King Claudius who finds it useless to mourn over his father when he says, “We pray to you, throw to earth / This prevailing woe, and think of us / As of a father.” (1.2.106-109) where he also tells him to think of him as his new father; not to

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