Theme Of Maturity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“You have to make choices even when there is nothing to choose from” – Péter Zilahy. Every day brings new choices and we either learn to make them, or let someone else make them for us. Maturity plays a part in the decisions we make and whether we take the role of the maker or the follower. Being afraid, but acting anyways is a true sign of courage and maturity, a topic which both Scout and I faced in our younger years. Scout goes through a journey to bravery from carelessness, while I go through the same journey through the context of kindergarten. Through the character of Scout, in the text To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee suggests that everybody goes through their own unique journey to maturity, and with that courage comes in different …show more content…

When Atticus shoots the mad dog, Scout sees it as a tremendous act of bravery and applauds him, although he doesn’t see it the same way she does. Atticus displays a sense of courage elsewhere, and his judgment helped him put down the gun and accomplish acts of true bravery. Scout is hurt by the comments her community makes at Atticus because of his decisions, and doesn’t understand why Atticus doesn’t just drop the case. Her thinking shows that she doesn’t have a concept of the prejudice and racism in her town just yet. This displays that racism is a learned habit, taught by parents and teachers throughout their childhood. Soon, Scout notices that something is up with Atticus and sees that a mob has cornered him in the county jail. While she watches, she sees the “flash of plain fear” () in Atticus’ eyes and leaps into the crowd. She can sense the violence in the crowds heads and takes matters into her own hands when she sees her father being threatened. She attempts to cool the tense situation by talking to Mr. Cunningham about his son. As she is talking the mob sees that she is purely innocent and good and it made them think of themselves and how they were acting so harshly. The humanity in the mob shows how even the most aggressive and hurtful people can be changed with only a few words and some realization. Through her actions, Scout appears to become more mature and understanding towards people. Showing courage even when you know you’re scared is a step towards

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