Theodore Kaczynski: The First Homemade Bomb In America

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The first homemade bomb exploded at a university in Chicago in 1978. Although, not known as the Unabomber yet, his antics continued sporadically over the next seventeen years. In the FBI case file, it stated that along the way, he sowed fear and panic, even threatened to blow up airliners in flight. This home grown terrorist was the worst in American history. After reading this summary, you will have a clear understanding of the sheer terror that Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski cause for over a decade in America.
Born in the early 1940’s, Theodore Kaczynski was considered an extremely smart young man. He finished high school early and entered college at the age of 16, he completed his master’s and Ph.D. by the age 25. After which, he was hired …show more content…

The UNABOM Case began after the first mailed bomb exploded on May 25th, 1978. A Northwestern University professor called campus police when he became suspicious of a package that had been returned to him by the postal service, yet he had never mailed the package. Campus police opened the package, getting only slight injuries from the explosion. On May 9, 1979, another package containing a bomb was received at the same university. Six months later a bomb was found in the cargo compartment of an American Airlines aircraft. These types of attacks continued. Below is a timeline of the remaining attacks by the …show more content…

There was nearly a two decade manhunt for the suspect that became known as the Unabomber.
Where. Fear ran ramped across the United States of America. The bombings where happening in many places across our nation. The Unabomber started his terror in the Chicago area. Next up was Salt Lake City and the San Francisco area. He then moved all over the U.S. to place such as Sacramento, Washington, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Utah. Many of his packaged where post marked from these locations (Gale, 2005).
The FBI felt confident that the Unabomber had been raised in Chicago and later lived in the Salt Lake City and San Francisco areas. This turned out to be true. The brother of Ted, David Kaczynski, described him as troubled, who had grown up in Chicago, taught at the University of California at Berkeley (where two of the bombs had been placed), then lived for a time in Salt Lake City (FBI,

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