Richard Jewell's Bombing Report

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On July 27, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia a bomb was detonated at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. One person was killed from the blast, and nearly 100 people were injured. However, the blast was believed to have had the ability to kill many more if it was not for one man. Richard Jewell was a former deputy sheriff and security guard for a college. Jewell was working a temporary job as a security guard at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when he found a suspicious backpack (Sack, 2013). Jewell quickly alerted law enforcement and began to move spectators away from the backpack; moments later the backpack exploded. Jewell was quickly called a hero for his quick thinking and actions that likely saved many lives. However, that praise soon turned to blame for the bombing, and Jewell would become infamous for being judged and shamed by the media, even though he had done nothing wrong (Sack, 2013). After the bombing at the Centennial Olympic Park, Richard Jewell was credited with finding the backpack that contained the bomb and getting people away from the backpack containing the bomb. While it is not known who was first responsible for accusing Jewell of possibly being involved in the bombing, it appears to have come from one of Jewell’s former employers. The president of Piedmont College, where Jewell had been employed as a security guard had contacted …show more content…

However, they did so using a ruse that they wanted to use Jewell in the making of a video for first responders (Sack, 2013). While this was occurring, the FBI read Jewell his Miranda Rights and Jewell knew he was not merely making a training video. By the time Richard Jewell had left the interview, his name would be the news headline as the suspect in the Atlanta Olympic bombing (Sack, 2013). Soon after, the FBI would serve a search warrant on his apartment and only fanned the flames in the media painting Jewell in a negative

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