Thesis Statement For Challenger Explosion

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Introduction- Thesis Statement: Millions of people around the country tuned in to watch the Challenger shuttle launch on January 28, 1986. However, only seventy-three seconds into the launch, the shuttle exploded. The Challenger crew was composed of seven astronauts including the first teacher in space, the second American woman, the second African American man, and the first Asian American in space. Three major effects of the Challenger explosion include the investigation of NASA safety procedures, new innovations in shuttle design and composition, and an attempt from NASA to further reduce risk during spaceflight. Body Paragraph #1: Topic Sentence: Over the course of the years following the explosion, numerous investigations were conducted on NASA's …show more content…

The commission lasted for months and included hearings, interviews, and research into all possible safety defects. Besides the issue with the booster, the Roger’s Commission discovered that the explosion was also caused by faults with NASA administration, policies, and safety. The United States House of Representatives came to a similar conclusion during their investigation and stated that there was a long-term failure in safety protocols, even during a period when the flight schedule was packed. Other safety hazards that occurred during the Challenger preparation and take-off period were the practice of normalization of deviance, no rescue system in place for astronauts in case of emergency, and the crew wore simple spacesuits instead of pressurized oxygen spacesuits to keep crew members alive if they had to escape. III. Body Paragraph #2: Topic sentence: Engineers redesigned the shuttle and carefully analyzed what changes should be made in response to the accident. Additionally, the Rogers Commission made recommendations to the shuttle engineers on what should be adjusted and

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