Canadian Innovations During The Space Race

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After few years of alliance between The Soviet Union and The US. However, the peaceful was broken very soon when two superpowers got into a cold war which they were totally enemies in someways. Lots of issues occurred during such period, one of them was the Space Race. Vast number of innovations and high technology was coming out at the same time. Truly, those innovations did influence Canada in different fields during the period of Space Race. It influenced Canadian citizens’ lives a lot, simulating the cooperations with other counties and it also benefited the world a lot as well. Innovations could bring people a better life. Indeed, the high-tech products and new technology coming from the Space Race period did make the Canadian people’s …show more content…

Meanwhile, it creased the economical interactions with each other as well. For instance, the famous American institutions NASA decided to further cooperating with the Canada Space Agency. Neptec was one of the companies that NASA aimed to cooperate with. They desired that by the reason of Neptec had a plan to provide a shelter for human eventually base on the lunar surface. It would spend 10,000 dollars to put one pound of payload into Earth’s orbit which indeed improve the company’s stocks’ price from 17 dollars to 153 dollars. That was truly a tremendous exceeded . For another example , as the more successful Canadian aviation operated, the clients were coming from even further on the planet. European countries invested a huge program in Canada. L-3 MAPPS, a contract that aimed to train astronauts for the whole world. With 12.6 billion dollars investment for 10 divisions separated on the North America. For the part that were located in Canada, there was 1 million dollars earned for each stations annually directly giving to the government . Furthermore, there was another project called the RCA. It gathered 150 dozens of PhDs in Canada together to cooperate with the American company for more innovations designed. While the economically improvements can not be …show more content…

With the help of several Canadian ‘forces’, many gorgeous objects were made, including the famous aircraft Voyager. Voyager was a universe traveling machine that made by America facially, whereas most of its part were supported by Canadians. NASA came up with Voyagers to explore outer space world. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 and passed the Jupiter and Saturn during it non-coming back journey. Voyager 2 finally left the solar system and it visited Neptune and Pluto. For another aircraft which was even more famous, the Vikiy Mars lander. With the help of Neptec which solve the problem of mechanical arms, two different Vikiy finally landed on Mars in 1976 peacefully searching for the microbial life that contributed a lot to the modern Science in navigating. It is common to see a space shuttle launched in the movie that the aircraft could be reused for several times. It was actually another amazing inventions American gained the help from Canadians. After testing through several times in Canada, the space shuttle ultimately coming out with the capacity of being used 30 times and was ensured to be much safer than fleet flew a combined 134 times. Afterwards, there were few well-known space shuttles like ‘Challenger’ and ‘Endeavor’. According to the research information, the success of many American space missions were actually relied on a majority of

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