What Is The Impact Of Ronald Reagan's Speech On The Challenger Disaster

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Since the 1960s, America has send many astronauts into outer space on different space shuttles to learn more about the world that is beyond the home planet Earth. Over the years, Americans’ pride and confidence in their space program had arisen as a result of several consecutive astronomical accomplishments. Nonetheless, accidents do take place sometimes. One of these times would be January 28th, 1986. On this day, the space shuttle Challenger has exploded 73 seconds succeeding its takeoff, claiming the life of seven members aboard, Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Sharon Christa McAuliffe. This sudden news traumatized countless people across the country. Consequently, Ronald Reagan, the president at the time gave a speech specifically about the disaster. He spoke and …show more content…

The oration was momentary; it only lasted for a little more than four minutes and added up to just 650 words in total. Nevertheless, it was concise and efficient in serving its purpose. Through the brief speech, Reagan not only alleviated the despair suffered by the different groups of audience, but also retained the nation’s spirit in space exploration: “We mourn their loss as a nation together…I’ve always had great faith in and respect for our space program, and what happened today does nothing to diminish it.” As the top leader of the country, Mr. Reagan demonstrated his support for more research and discovery, and were trying to convince the rest of the American population to do the same. In addition, the brilliant ending of the speech casted a strong impression on the people. He quoted a phrase from the poem “High Flight” written by John Magee, “…to touch the face of God.” It leads the audience into viewing the positive outcome of the accident and gives the speech its

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