Things Are Never As Bad As They Seem Analysis

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“Things are never as bad as they seem” (Miss Maudie). Miss Maudie tells Jem that things are never as bad as they seem because you have to look beyond all of the “good” people who have helped him. Atticus, Judge Taylor, and the Maycomb’s black community all stood behind Tom Robinson and supported him through everything. There’s many ways to describe this quote in different ways. I believe that many people over exaggerate when they're having a bad day. When someone really wants something for example, a teenage daughter wants a car but does not get it, they take a big fit and consider it has a bad day. Also, many people take things for granted and do not appreciate what they have, when others have nothing. As mentioned before…show more content…
Many people also, want more and more things that they do not need. Also, they might feel like they need the upgraded phone, laptops, ipads etc., when they actually do not realize that they have a lot of things and there’s others that are desperate for food or things they actually need in order to survive. Another thing is that, people may think that they never have enough things to satisfy themselves. There’s kids and parents that would do anything to satisfy themselves, when it comes to food. Therefore, not everyone appreciates what they have, when others will. Overall, many people over exaggerate when their having a bad day, when others are probably having it way worse. This relates to “To kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee book, in many different ways. In the book she talks about Tom Robinson going to prison for something that was never done, which is horrible because he should not spend the rest of his life behind bars when he is innocent. This relates to most of us in life because people always tend to consider a bad, just because their day either does not go the way they planned. Therefore, things aren’t as bad as they seem if you look for the good in
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