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The chapter “‘You’ll Never Believe What Happened’ Is Always a Good Place to Start” from the Native Narrative “The Truth About Stories” by Thomas King explores the twisting path of how stories shape who we are, how we understand things, and how we interact with the world around us. Thomas King strengthens his argument by giving a detailed example that better, proves what he is trying to say. He tells a story about the moment he discovered what happened to his father, which I believe answered a lot of questions in his life. The author's father left when he was a little boy. The father remarried two more times, had seven more children who never knew that the authors nor his brother existed until the day of all their father's funeral. In this chapter …show more content…

Land mines. Suicide bombing. Sectarian violence. Sexual abuse. Children stacked up like cordwood in refugee camps around the globe” (King,8). I think that what the narrator is saying is extremely true. The hard part is like all negative things, depressing stories often are strong and dominant two other stories that are equal but more positive. It is hard not to feel that they are everywhere one looks. I find that if you listen to too many bad stories it leads to confidence and depression. Because after all what can you do about the plane that crashed with no survivors, or the bus that flipped on the snow covered pass. The sad thing about stories is that “once a story is told, it cannot be called back. Once told, it is loose in the world” (King10), that plane with no survivors cannot be taken back, the article in the news about the bus that flipped is read by thousands of people and cannot be taken back. The author of the “Truth About Stories” never says whether he thinks that not being able to take back stories is a good or bad thing, but rather he states that “you have to be careful with the stories you tell. And you have to watch out for the stories you are told” (King,10) because they will shape who you

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