Analysis Of Joy Harjo's Crazy Brave By Joy Harjo

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Story is an integral element in human life. Stories are the way humans have shared and learned for thousands of years. Storytelling is different from story writing. When a story is told, the original content lingers as long as the storytellers maintain that content. Once the story is retold it takes on different details and meaning. When a story is written, the content lasts longer and can be revisited, however each reader perceives the meaning of the story and the details through their own experience. Stories began through oral tradition. Indigenous people have told stories throughout their histories, and those stories reveal their past, as well as their current realities and identities. An example of a storyteller who integrates multiple genres of storytelling in every aspect of her being, is Joy Harjo. Harjo is a multi-genre artist, musician, writer, poet, and overall inspirational storyteller. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a member of the Muscogee/Creek Nation. As a member of the Muscogee/Creek Nation, Harjo was born into a practice of storytelling that has been the cornerstone of her tribal, familial, personal, and cultural, history, identity and survival. Harjo has written (and performed) many artistic works that combine and move away from traditional definitions of ‘genre’. Harjo’s memoir Crazy Brave, weaves multiple visions and experiences of her life into a beautiful and heartwarming story of birthing, becoming, and being one’s self. She writes in and out

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