To Kill A Mockingbird Calpurnia Character Traits

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Many children experience the lavish love of mothers, but those who lost their mothers at a young age often have replacement mothers set up by their remaining parent. Calpurnia established herself into the Finch family as a mother figure in Jem and Scouts’ lives. While cooking for the Finch family, this southern black woman filled the motherless voids in the children’s hearts. Although Cal’s job required only cooking skills, she utilized her best traits by being motherly, responsible, and brave. Wise old Calpurnia obtained many good attributes in her lifetime which she exercised in her job. Diligently, Calpurnia cooked, cleaned, served, loved, and taught while completing the Finch family with love and kindness. Her vital characteristics include motherly, responsible, and brave. …show more content…

Although the Finches hired her as help, she grew into a member of the family, because Calpurnia treated Jem and Scout as her own children. Some examples of her love for them included Cal’s affectionate ways of speaking to the children and exposing her lonesomeness when the children attended school. One day, she mentioned to Scout, “Baby…you just come right along in the kitchen when you feel lonesome.”, which demonstrated her motherly nature. After the children’s long day at school, Cal would explain the loneliness she experienced when the children learned at school. Those loving words filled the empty voids Jem and Scout’s hearts and knowing that Cal missed their company drove the children to feel needed. Clearly, the author expresses Calpurnia’s motherly side through these

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