To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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In our world today, everyone is judged based on appearance. Sometimes, humans judge others without even realizing it. Boo Radley is an example of a man who has been judged in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Boo was in a mischievous group when he was a teenager. The judge ordered him to a state industrial school but his father explained to the judge that he would keep Boo in check. Maycomb is a small town that passes around rumors; for example, it was said that Boo mutilates the towns people’s pets, and kills his neighbor’s plants. We later learn that Boo is kind, protective, and has watched over Jem and Scout with care as if they were his own. Boo has been judged based on appearance and stories and they are all nothing but malarkey. Dolphus Raymond was thought to be the town drunk even though he had never been a drinker. As Dill was crying about the court case he took a drink from Mr. Raymond’s bag and explained, “Scout, it’s nothing but Coca-Cola.”. Mr. Raymond went on to say, “You little folks wont tell on me now, will you? It’d ruin my reputation if you did.”(Lee 267). From this we learn that even innocent little Scout, Atticus’s daughter, went along with the judgement of the town and did not even get into Mr. Raymond’s skin. Mr. Raymond resolved why he lives and acts the way he does, “Wh-oh yes, you mean why do I pretend? Well, it’s very simple,” he said’. “Some folks don’t-like the way I live. Now I could say the hell with ‘em, I don’t care if they don’t like it.
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