To Kill A Mockingbird Misunderstanding Analysis

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To Kill A Mockingbird Misunderstanding Misunderstandings occur anywhere at anytime in society and in this novel. The children and teenagers in this novel often come across misunderstandings between each other and even with an adult. The children do not always know how to explain their ideas while communicating with another child or adult which causes the misunderstandings. I think this is shown from a child’s point of view because the children are usually the one’s who are misunderstood. Teenagers and adults are usually the one’s who don’t comprehend the children very well and cause the misunderstandings to happen. People get misunderstood on a daily basis. It can happen anywhere like at work, school, home, or even out on the streets. In this novel, Scout seems to be the one who gets misunderstood the most out of all the children and teenagers. Scout tries to explain to her teacher Miss.Caroline several times that her father Atticus did not teach her to read and write but Miss.Caroline misunderstands her and punishes her for thinking that she is lying. I can personally relate to the situation Scout confronted. I get misunderstood by my own teachers when i forget to do an assignment. My teachers do not believe me and i end up getting punished because my teachers think I am not telling the truth. …show more content…

Scout always tried to explain to her teacher problems of other students or herself and always got into trouble. Other people should help explain things better if what they hear is not making sense. I have seen Scout’s situation in a real life event. Students in my class try to explain things but can not always get their main ideas across. The things they say do not make sense. Other students try to help explain so that the person listening understands their thoughts

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