To Kill A Mockingbird Monologue

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I believe people should always follow their dreams. After all, you just might come up with something new, like falling in love and such. See I found this dream to be with Scout and I intend to follow is one through ‘til the day I die. Heck, I would run away for her, and I did. By following up on this dream I found happiness and another one! Eventually me and Scout are gonna hunt down that weird old man my momma told be ‘bout and we is going to buy the cutest little child we can find! Then I’ma get my dream job. I am going to be the first happy clown! Jem said that’s not how it works, but I’ll find a way. Once, Jem and Scout and I almost completed one of our dreams. When I first came to visit, like a million years ago, Jem and my little Scout…show more content…
Then he would sneak out of his house and watch people in their sleep! And of course as I am so strong and brave I just had to see what he really looked like. So we all made a devilish plan. We would sneak out at night when Boo was up an’ when we saw him we’d tell him we wanted to be friends. Sadly, our foolproof plan wasn’t foolproof. We heard a gunshot from nearby when we was on the Radley’s back porch. After that we ran like heck back to the Finch’s place. Next thing I knew, I was off to my parents house, so our group dream was put on hold. Though I made a secret pact with Jem the night I was supposed to leave. I promised him that I would come back and we would find a way to see that darn Boo Radley yet, so our dream would finally be finished and we could rest in peace. Looking back now, I realized that we still haven’t finished! Guess that I’ll just have to find a new way, possibly without my little Scout. Maybe I should strike a match under him, like Jem once said. Just so ya’ll know I know that Scout has told you guys that I can stretch a story, and I just want to tell you that this is all fact and truth, yes-r-e! You should always follow your dreams, this I
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