To Kill A Mockingbird Segregation Analysis

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Throughout the story, Lee uses innocent children, Scout and Jem, to show the degree of segregation at hand, ultimately serving as a key factor in the desperation suffered within Maycomb. This novel revolves in the depression-era where the moral and ethical principles that teachers and parents abide by, along with teach, are not defined. This is evident through the character Miss Gates, Scout 's third-grade teacher, who refers greatly to Adolph Hitler. This man is known within the story as an individual of racial slurs. During the lesson, Miss Gates criticizes Adolph Hitler and his persecution of the Jews, informing the class about portions of the history and current status of the religious group when she states,“That they contribute to every…show more content…
To begin, Tom Robinson is a black man whose voice goes unnoticed and ignored as segregation overwhelms the senses of society. This is specifically seen within the walls of the courtroom. Although Atticus prepares a strong case for him, he has no chance and the man on the stand knew this. When this was made obvious to Tom and the verdict was decided, he was devastated. He lost all hope that he previously had in Atticus and the justice system.The invisible man was convicted of a crime he did not commit and feared his life as an objective to rape. Atticus promises Tom an appeal, but Tom could not see how the court would decide any different. A short time later, when Atticus delivers the news that Tom had tried to escape prison and while in the midst of climbing the towering barbed wire fence, was shot and killed he gives context to the situation when saying “I guess Tom was tired of white men’s chances and preferred to take his own”(235-236). Atticus tries to control a circumstance which is uncontrollable and with this, he was hopeless in himself and Maycomb. He uses his vast knowledge of the justice system and faith in the Judge to let the town have an ounce of control. This control was valuable and misused causing the man whose life was on the line to perish. All of those around Atticus felt the affects of Tom’s death, including his wife, Helen Robinson. This is just one example of the sadness that segregation causes and the barrier, that is skin colour. As Atticus made his way to the front porch of the Robinson family home, the echo of sorrow can be heard as Helen knew her husband 's fait. Although Atticus tried deeply to comfort and put context to a situation, Helen had no empathy for the for Atticus 's words and was devastated by her husband 's actions. Coincidently, hope flows in streams and
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