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The Rebel Tom Morello Tom Morello was born Thomas Baptiste Morello in Harlem, New York on May 30th, 1964. Morello was born to parents Mary Morello and Ngethe Njoroge. Ms. Morello, a strong petite figured woman of Irish and Sicilian decent, was a high school teacher in Marseilles, Illinois. Whom also earned a Master of Arts degree at the University of Loyola in Chicago. Morello’s father Njoroge, was a Mau Mau freedom fighter in the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya. Fighting for social rights in Kenya under an oppressive ruler. Njoroge also went on to become the first Kenyan Ambassador to the United States. Morello 's parents both met while attending a pro-democracy protest in Kenya. Immediately falling Once revealed that Mary was pregnant, they eloped to New York. After Morellos birth, Ngethe denied the paternity to his son resulting in him moving back to Kenya. Morello stayed with his mother state side. Although born in Harlem, New York, they moved back to Mary’s hometown in Libertyville, Illinois. It is in Illinois where Morello attended Libertyville High School. In …show more content…

Morello joined a small time “garage band” named Locked Up. After that brief stint, and with Morello wanting to take music more seriously as a cause of the bands disbandment, Tom was looking to start a new band. After meeting Zach De La Rocha and hearing is different style of rapping and vocal projection, it was history. Morello and De La Rocha formed the band Rage Against the Machine. Rage Against the Machine being known to be a very anarchist and revolutionary band. began to receive a said validation as a band after signing a record deal with Epic Records. Where through their lyrics, Morello was able to vocalize his leftist political views into the music he loved. And instead of With popular songs entitled, “Bulls on Parade” and “Killing in the name”. With lyrics that read as such

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